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Product piracy occurs in a wide variety of industries. As soon as a product is successful, there is also a risk that it will be counterfeited. There are numerous ways and possibilities of protection. Here you will find initial information and contacts to help you take the first steps. 

Offices and authorities in Germany

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Customs statistics
Offices and authorities in Germany


More than one-third of consumers say they have unknowingly bought a counterfeit at least once. However, counterfeit products can pose quality defects, safety or health risks. In the past, European customs authorities have classified up to 40 percent of seized counterfeits as potentially hazardous to health. However, warranty and damage claims regularly come to nothing because the suppliers remain anonymous. 

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Intellectual property is omnipresent in our everyday lives and of existential importance for our modern economy. At the same time, counterfeit products are often bought by young people in particular. Respect for and protection of intellectual property should therefore already be addressed in schools. Here you will find some assistance. 

Facts & Figures

How many counterfeit goods are seized by the authorities every year? What damage does counterfeiting cause in Europe or even on a global scale? Which trends can be observed? 

Here you will find relevant statistics and studies on the topic.